Welcome to the world of eSports and Entertainment.

RaPz Rebellion founded on November 16th by Jered Webb and Akeem Philips. The first name that was produce was “RaPz” it was suggested by Jered, When he met Akeem (AKM) on facebook. Along the lines as the team grow in existence. The name change from RaPz Clan to RaPz Uprising and finally to RaPz Rebellion.
How we came up with “RaPz Rebellion” you may ask?

Well AKM our Founder and Owner, Was always a fan of the Movie Sequel Jurassic World. As he was watching the movie, The Velociraptors was AKM’s favorite reptile in Jurassic. As you can see where the Origins of the name came from. So AKM Came up with Raptors, Which later on shorten down to “RaPz” and as the Raptors in Jurassic World always hunting as a pack and migrating together, The Final name was “RaPz Rebellion”.

From that day onward the vision and goals were set for Rapz.

Who Are We?

We are a Worldwide Gaming and Entertainment Organization making our mark in the eSports and Media Community.

Our vision is not only to become one of the best Organizations in the world but primarily to change lives, Inspire and Improve the ways how the youth of the world around can be recognized and also make their stand. You’re never to young to start following your dreams. “Better sooner than later” as they say. So we set out to accomplish our Goals of becoming a Top Leading eSports Organization Worldwide and become a Top Recognized Entertainment Brand.

Along with that Inspiring younger folks to chase their dreams, and help them build their self in anyway they can.

We are the Rebels. Join us on our journey and become part of The Rebellion Mob as we change lives and build this community.

“Those Who Hunt Together, Taste Victory Together.”

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