Im Collin “Raptor” Householder a competitive Fortnite player and streamer for RaPz Rebellion. Streaming has always been a hobby and i’m very blessed to have this opportunity, I also scrim against professional/ big Fortnite teams such as TSM, FaZe, and WorldsBestGaming. My viewers/subscribers are super important to me and I love giving back to them as they support me. I try my best to stay consistent,. But during the summer I can put out the most content. I hope you guys enjoy my Bio.


Hi, My name is Michel Gagné aka Mozhyy.I am the first French Canadian Streamer for RaPzRebellion and i will take this opportunity to bring the best entertainment as possible. You will catch me playing to FPS. Imstreaming 6 days a week, dont miss me, come chill and have fun!


Hi, i’m Jaylen Gassman (TheMixedJuices) a gamer that streams for RaPz Rebellion. Streaming has interested me for a long time now and decided to do it. Despite the difficulties of streaming and the fact that streaming is so hard due to competitors I will never stop. I love each viewer I get and will continue to stream until I die. I am on a journey that never stops! I am 17 years old and look to become a competitive Fornite player one day!

Doc Unk

Hi everyone! I’m kenneth aka doc_unk. I’m a streamer for RaPz Rebellion. I spend 6 days a week on stream drinking mass amounts coffee and being the best potato I can be in Fortnite with some random games thrown in. I have a growing community of people who respect each other and bring a ton of positive vibes. Stop by and let’s have some fun!

Rhys Windu

Hello, I’m RhysWindu! I am a twitch affiliate who primarily plays Fortnite however you may catch me playing Pubg, Overwatch or CSGO. The goal of my channel is to chill out, interact with my Rhys’ Pieces (followers) and go for the best clips and moments during my gameplays so expect the unexpected!


Hey everyone that stopped by the website , I’m Tommy or you can just call me Jxkzi , I’m a new member of RaPzRebellion. If you love to see good Fortnite content come by and hangout , I may not be the biggest but with your help we can get there one day! Join the Community!

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